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Muntari: The Move & The Reasons.

One day before the winter transfer window shuts down, AC Milan’s Vide-President & CEO, Adriano Galliani, has spoken to the press telling them he will be busy in his office in the last day of this market window. The result of that busy day was the recruitment of Sulleyman Ali “Sulley” Muntari, coming on loan till the end of the season from Inter Milan.
AC Milan has a so called midfield injury crises, due to the injuries of Boateng, Aquilani, Merkel, Gattuso, Flamini. And everyone expected AC Milan to secure a temporary patch for that midfield until (at least) the first returns of Aquillani and Boateng in mid-February. Instead, they’ve got Muntari, who is unavailable due to his national team (Ghana) involvement in AFCON (African Cup Of Nations).

The Reasons:
1. In his Pre-Match press conference, coach Allegri said that he will not request an extra midfield to help him during this crises and he would rather wait till the players come back and use the current available players during this hard period. This means Milan had no intentions to bring an “available” midfielder (like Rigoni or Donadel for example).
2. AC Milan has been reportedly linked to the captain of Sampdoria, Palombo, who has a contract with his club till 2015 on €1.5m per year. This amount looks too high for a team playing in Serie B. Palombo is a good Central/Defensive Midfielder, but he’s 30 years old & by the start of next season he will be 31. His expected move to Milan would mean replacing the aging Van Bommel and Ambrosini who both have contracts expiring next summer. This means Palombo would be attached to AC Milan with a contract for the next 3-4 years at least. Montolivo has been linked with a move to a big side in Serie A. Inter Milan signed Guarin & Palombo. Juventus tried Nainggolan, and then settled for Padoin. AC Milan are the only big side who could move for Palombo or Nainggolan, but they didn’t. This lead us to only one conclusion. Montolivo’s chances to wear the red and black colors next season are extremely high.
3. A lot of reports indicated that AC Milan will sign Muntari as soon as he finishes his current contract with Inter Milan in June 2012. Galliani decides to try him out before signing him, and asks Allegri if this would fit the current scheme. Allegri gives the green light & Galliani calls Inter Milan to arrange for a loan. This makes a lot of sense, as Allegri will have a lot of time to give a clear opinion about Muntari, and it will push the player to give his best in the next few months.
4. Muntari’s problem is not his technical or physical levels, its self-confidence. He’s usually created a lot of problems (disciplinary) when feels unsecure, but on the other hand, he gave great performances when he had the full confidence of coach and players (Inter Milan’s Mourinho era).
5. Muntari can play Champions League football, thus will give a great alternatives to Allegri rather than injured Flamini, or the great warrior Gattuso who has no certain return date.

Galliani has made a safe deal, just as Maxi Lopez one. The field will judge whether those two players (Muntari and Maxi) have the potential to stay in this team and sign permanent contracts.

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4 Responses to “Muntari: The Move & The Reasons.”

  • Gupta:

    To be honest, I’m very disappointed with this winter transfer. First, Maxi Lopez, I don’t hate him but there’s this tingling feeling that he would be the heir of R. Oliveira. Remember him? The predecessor of one of Milan’s best strikers Shevchenko. I know the situation was different. Oliveira was bought to be one of the main man, whereas Maxi was a mere back-up. But still, I have that fear. Second, Muntari, I am close to hating him because of his indiscipline behavior. I totally agree with your remarks that Muntari could be a good replacement of Both Flamini and Gattuso. But what I didn’t understand is, why didn’t we spend 2-5 million for Monty? Buying him could mean two things, he could add creativity that is lacking in our midfield (Seedorf’s not up for a 90 min game 3 times a week, Aqua is injury prone and sometimes seemed not presence on the field, and SES is still young we need to be patient) and add that star quality to progress farther in both league and CL. But, with all my disapproval I still hope they could do well and Milan would, at least, win the league or CL (it’s a far fetch hope but I’m still hoping). Forza Milan!

    • Maxi Lopez deal is nowhere near Oliviera’s. This is a safe deal. If he didn’t perform well, he will be shipped back to Catania.
      As for Montolivo, AC Milan are planning to get him to replace one of Ambrosini/Van Bommel in summer, and since they are both doing good (currently), and Aquilani will be on his way back from injury, it wont make sense bringing him in for 2-3 matches while Aquilani is injured! Those millions (I know you think they are few, but they are not!) should be saved for something else and more important.
      AC Milan needs a creative midfielder. We need someone like Eriksen to replace Seedorf.

  • Paul:

    Dr. Rossoneri
    I agree with your insights of muntari. Infact, I used this video u posted to calm me down a bit after I’ve heard the news.
    My general feeling is Serie A is in a terrible situation where top players a fleeing away unlike the early 2000′s where Serie A was the top spot and every player wanted to come to Italy. these days players will reasonably earn more abroad. I don’t think clubs still have the same approach towards investing on young talents as they used to. What ever they invest, they will be sold abroad at some point and italian clubs will only afford 30+ strikers ( on verge of decline)unless some Sheik comes to the rescue. Pato’s £40 could have been a big pocket for Milan ( he’s always injured and out of form) as some italian said ” if italian match kits had a pocket, pato will be the first one to put his hand in his pocket and walk on the pitch” I dont think long term investment will pay off Italian clubs on the pitch (perhaps they can sell them and make money) for us fans.. it’s just going to be disappointment after dispappointment.
    Milan with all it’s ageing players, at this moment should look for a quick fix for it’s problems. that’s why i beleive tevez was a big missed opportunity. looking at the last transfer where torres costed £50M and carrol £30M, to get tevez for £25M was a jackpot and would have helped milan a lot more than any other player ( assuming he doesn’t fight with Ibra). Just imagine Ibra & tevez up front with boa behind! that’s a pure russian nuclear bomb!!!
    On the midfield, MVB, Ambro , Gattuso, Seedorf will be written off next season, so we will be left with Urby, Boa( injury prone), Aqua( inconsistent), Flamini, Nocerino(new gattuso). so having Muntary( 27 years old) on load could be a good step ( take it with a pinch of salt since he’s is coming from the…don’t want to mention their name).
    At the back nesta might be gone with rumors of silva will join barca next season worries me big time, Mexes & bonera is liability. thats my biggest worry as we pride our selves on pure class defending.
    But as u’ve said, the pitch decides, who expected Nocerino? urby started out really bad not he’s our versatile MF, i really hope to be proved wrong so that i can start cheering for muntary, whatever the road, day or night, hot or cold one thing remains the same… ILMILAN NEL MIO CUORE. FORZAAAAA MILANNNNNN!!!

    • Actually, I dont see Tevez would solve any of our problems. AC Milan lacks creativity against well organized defensive teams. The Derby, Udinese & Lazio matches are big examples. AC Milan holds the ball as twice as the opponents and have no ideas (tools) to make it useful (threatening). A fast dribbler & good finisher as Kaka would be useful, but a creative midfielder who can join and link the attacking line and make accurate through/short/long passes (like Seedorf 7-9 years ago) would be more effective.
      That’s why I’d sell Pato for 45m to PSG (or highest bidder) and use the money to get Tevez (25m) and Eriksen (15-20m).
      Imagine the following line up: Abate, Mexes, Silva, Mesbah; Eriksen, Montolivo, Nocerino; Boateng; Ibra; Tevez.

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